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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Visitly cost?

Visitly has a free, no obligation trial for 30 day trial. You can visit our pricing page to get more details on our plans and choose a plan suitable for your needs.

How do I log into Visitly to change my settings?

Go to to sign in and start configuring your setup

What is the minimum I need to get started with Visitly?

You just need an iPad. Sign up free to start using Visitly

What is the retention period for visits in Visitor Log?

By default, all data is are retained in the Visitly as long as the customer has an active subscription with Visitly.

If you would like to have a policy to auto-purge visitor data from Visitly, you can go to your location setting and set the retention period in days. All the visits that signed in before the defined number of days will be deleted from the system. Use this feature with caution as once the visits are deleted they cannot be recovered after that.