Visitor Watchlist

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Available on plans : Starter, Business, Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

With Visitly, you can create Global or Location specific watchlist rules and review the visitor before allowing them into your facility. You can also configure notification rules when a criteria for watchlist screening is met

Login to Visitly Dashboard

  • Global Watchlist – Click on Settings and then Global Watchlist. Global watchlist allows you to create rules that applies to sign in for all locations on the account
  • Location Watchlist – Click on Locations and Edit then Location Watchlist. Location watchlist allows you to configure watch list rules for sign in for a specific location

On the watch list rules page, click on Add Watchlist. Select the field that you would like to check from the drop down and enter the value. You can choose from standard and any custom fields added to the system.

You can add multiple rules. Any visits matching the defined rules will be flagged for review.

For the locations you would like to enables watchlist screening for, please navigate to the location and click on Edit. On General settings, enable the flag “Visit Watch” as Yes.

Configure notification to be sent when a watchlist rule is met. You can configure notification by following the article at Configure Notifications

You can include the short code {{watchListHitRules}} to include the matched rules in the email template.

When a visitor signs in and matched the criteria for watchlist, the visitor will be put for Review. Navigate to the visitor log on Visitly dashboard and click on “Under Review” visits to see the visits for review.

Click on the visit for additional details and to Approve or Decline the visitor. You can also add notes as necessary to document findings based on the review. Once the visitor is approved, all the other notifications will be sent. Declined visits do not send any notifications to anyone other than the watchlist notifications.

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