Updating Document Templates

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Document templates are shown after a visitor inputs their information and allows you to require a signature. These can be added/removed depending on the Visitor Type. To modify Visitor Types, see this article.

  1. Go to your admin panel by logging in here:
  2.  Navigate to Locations and click on Edit for the location you would like to change the settings for. Click on Documents on the left navigation panel. You will see all the document templates associated with the location
  3. You can choose to add a new Document template by clicking “Add New Document”, or edit a current one.
  4. Either click “Add New Document” or edit a current one, and you’ll be presented with a screen that allows you to add the content of the document. You can use {{org_name}} and {{visitor_name}} as shortcodes or variables that will be populated when the document appears on the iPad
  5. Once complete, you may need to attach it to a Visitor Type if it’s a new Document. See this article for more info
  6. You’ll also need to refresh your data on your iPad. This happens automatically every hour, but if you’d like to manually refresh the information, see this article.


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