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Changing the Look and Feel of the Visitly App

  1. Log into the admin panel at
  2. Navigate to Locations and click on Edit for the location you would like to change the settings for. Click on Look and Feel on the left navigation panel.
  3. To add a logo, click “Browse” and upload your logo.
  4. To add a background image, you can click “Browse” and upload your background image. This image is displayed on your app’s landing page. You can also choose to leave this blank, and your app’s landing page will show your background color.
  5. Change the various colors to match your company’s theme. You can use the preview on the right-hand side to see what the colors would look like on your iPad. Click “Flip” above the preview to Visitor Type selection screen with your theme.
  6. Click “Save” to save your settings.
  7. You’ll also need to refresh your data on your iPad. This happens automatically every hour, but if you’d like to manually refresh the information, see this article.

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