Modifying Visitor Types

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Modifying Visitor Types

Visitor Types give your customers the opportunity to specify what they’re here to visit for. Visitor Types can follow different visit flows, meaning you can modify the fields, NDA template, whether a photo should be taken, and whether a badge should be printed

  1. Log into the admin panel here:
  2. Navigate to Locations and click on Edit for the location you would like to change the settings for. Click on Visitor Types on the left navigation panel. You will see all the Visitor Types associated with the location
  3.  Here, you can choose to deactivate a visitor type by clicking on the “Status” toggle. You can also choose to enable or disable photo taking functionality and badge printing functionality.
    1. Note: badge printing only works if you have a printer chosen in the settings.
  4. On the right-hand side of a visitor type, click “Edit”. Here, you can change the name of the Visitor Type, modify the NDA template, or modify the display text of the fields.
  5. You’ll also need to refresh your data on your iPad. This happens automatically every hour, but if you’d like to manually refresh the information, see this article.

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