Getting Started

Setting Up a Device

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Available on plans : All Plans

Required Role: Global Administrator

Go to the AppStore on your iPad and install the Visitly ipad application. The Visitly iPad application only supports iPads with iOS 11 or higher.

Log into the Visitly dashboard on your computer and navigate to Locations.

Look for your location and click on the key tab under your location name. You will see a location key and a QR code.

Open the app on your iPad and tap “Setup New iPad”.

Tap “Scan Site QR Code” to scan the QR code, or manually enter it in the input field.

If you chose to scan your QR code, point the camera towards the QR code retrieved earlier. The location key will automatically populate and you’ll move to the next step.

Enter a 4-digit PIN. This PIN is what you will use to log in from now on. You can change your PIN from the admin panel later.

If you have badge printing enabled, click “Select Printer” to choose the label printer.

Click Done.

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