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Available on plans : Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

Login to Visitly Dashboard and navigate to Integrations → Single Sign On. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Install” next to Generic SAML.

Please contact us if the option is not enabled for you.

Download the SAML metadata from your Identity Provider and then upload and save

Add Visitly as SAML2 application on your Identity Provider. You would need the following values. Note – Visitly only supports IDP initiated SSO at this time.

  • Entity Id –
  • Assertion Consumer Service URL –
  • NameID – emailAddress
  • Signature Algorithm – RSA_SHA256
  • Sign Assertion – Yes
  • Sign Message – No (Visitly does not support signed messages)

Assign the users to Visitly application on your identity provider and test logging into Visitly from your SSO portal.

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