Getting Started

Getting Started

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Thank you for choosing Visitly! Below, we’ve gathered some useful resources to help you quickly get started.

We’ll walk you through signing up and setting up a device, and have resources to help guide you through other customization options as well.

  1. You’ll need to sign up for Visitly to being. Check out Signing Up for Visitly to see how. Note: you can skip this step if you’ve already signed up and verified your email.
  2. Next, Download the Visitly iPad app from here. Then, follow the instructions outlined in Setting Up a Device to set up a device.
  3. Take a look around. See how everything feels right out of the box by choosing a Visitor Type, entering some information, signing the Document, and creating a visit.

Further Customization

  1. You may want to add some of your company’s branding. We’ve made that easy for you. Check out Theming Visitly which guides you through the steps you need to take to modify the look and feel, update the logo and/or update the background image visitors see.
  2. Visitly has “Visitor Types”, which give your visitors an opportunity to select why they’re visiting your company. You can then customize their experience depending on the Visitor Type they’ve chosen. Check out Modifying Visitor Types for more info on how to customize your visitor’s experience
  3. The document that visitors optionally would need to sign can be modified to suit your company’s needs. See Updating Document Templates
  4. Check out this article on Enable or Disable Photo and Badge Printing
  5. If you’d like to allow your visitors to sign out, check out Enable or Disable Checkout functionality

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