Pre-register Visitors

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Available on plans : Starter, Business, Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator, Frontdesk Administrator

With Visitly, you can pre-register your visitors for a fast and easy sign in experience. Follow below steps to pre-register upcoming visitors

Login to Visitly Dashboard  and click on Pre Registration and click on Pre-register Visit button

Select the location and Visitor type for the upcoming visitor and then enter the details on the pop-up window for the upcoming visitor.

For pre registration, only Full name of the visitor is mandatory, enter the email address also if you would like to send an email invitation to the visitor

Enter the scheduled visit start and end date and time for the visitor.

If you would like to send notification to the host and the visitor about this upcoming visit, please select the Yes for following fields.

  • Send Email to Visitor
  • Send Email to Host

Please make sure you have configured notification for “Pre-Registration Created” event in the notifications. You can follow instructions here to add if not already configured. If this is not configured, even if these fields are selected as Yes the notification will not be sent.

Click on Save to save the pre-registered visit

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