Microsoft Teams Notifications

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Available on plans : Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

Login to MS Team with an admin user that exists as a Global Administraor user in Visitly. Visitly uses this to authorize if this integration is authorized to be enabled.

Please make sure you have the required permissions on MS Teams to install the custom package.

Install theinstaller package shared with you by support team to your MS Team account by following instructions at

If you do not have the installer package, please contact [email protected]

Please make sure you install the bot to a team that has all your staff members i.e General.
If the installation is successful, you would see a welcome message as below

After this is done, you need to navigate to you Locations -> Edit Location –> Notifications and click on Add Notification. After selecting other values, you should select the value for “Microsoft-Teams” in the channel drop down menu and save.

Test the notification with a test visit test if you get successful notifications on your teams app.

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