Integrate Slack Notification

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Integrate Slack with Visitly

Your employees can receive real time notification messages on Slack whenever visitors sign in and sign out using Visitly App.

You will need access to your Slack account to perform these steps

  1. Login to Visitly Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to  Integrations -> Notification
  3. Click Install button next to Slack. A new browser tab will open with Slack login screen. Login to Slack and click on Authorize button to allow Visitly interact with your Slack account.
  4. On successful setup, the page will refresh and you will see buttons for Uninstall and Reinstall next to the Slack integration.
  5. To configure what events should send notifications to your Hosts, navigate to Locations -> Edit –> Notifications and click on  “Add New”.
  6. Select values as shown in the screenshot below and save. You can configure this notification for Sign In and Sign Out events.
  7. Thats it! Now your users will receive notification on Slack based on your configuration.

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