Integrating With Arista Guest WiFi Manager

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To install and set up Arista Guest Wi-Fi Management with Visitly, you need to follow these steps:

Configuration on Arista:

  1. Using an Administrator account, login to Arista launchpad at and click on the Admin tab. 
  2. Click on the Keys sub tab on the Admin Screen and click on the “New Key” button.
  3. Create a new Key with a custom profile that includes Launchpad, Wireless Manager, and Guest Manager access.
  4. Save the Key Id and Key Value in a secure place.
  5. Click on the Dashboard and then “Guest Manager”.
  6. Copy the base URL for the Arista Guest Manager (e.g., Save this URL in a secure place.
  7. Click on the Dashboard and go to “CloudVision Wifi”.
  8. Navigate to the folder of the location and then click on Configure->Wifi on the left menu.
  9. Create a Guest SSID if it doesn’t exist, and configure it as follows:
    • Basic – SSID Type is Guest
    • Security – Open
    • Captive Portal – Login method should be “Admin Generated Credentials”. Set up the Email settings for this method so that guests can receive email notifications when their account is set up for Guest Wi-Fi access. Edit the splash page look and feel based on your requirements.

Configuration on Visitly:

  1. Navigate to the Visitly Dashboard and click on Integrations->Guest Wifi.
  2. On the following page, click on “Install” on the “Arista” tile.
  3. Enter the Key ID, Key Value, and URL from step 4 and 6 above, and save. If the values are valid, they will be saved.
  4. Next, navigate to the location you want to configure Guest Wi-Fi settings for and click on Guest Wi-Fi and then Configure Wi-Fi.
  5. Set the following values:
    • Provider – Arista
    • Select Portal – Select the portal for the Guest SSID configured on Step 9 above.
    • Validity Period – Select how many hours this access should be valid for.
    • Invalidate access on Sign Out – Select “Yes” if you want to deactivate the guest user on Arista when they sign out in Visitly.
    • Approval Required – Select “Yes” if you want your host or other staff to approve this access before granting Guest Wi-Fi credentials.
  6. Save the settings.
  7. Next, navigate to the visitor types for whom you want to issue Guest Wi-Fi credentials, enable the flag for “Issue Guest Wifi”, and save.

Create a Test Visitor Sign In – Visitor should receive the credentials once the visit is created successfully.

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