Import Users/Hosts

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Available on plans : Starter, Business, Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

Login to Visitly Dashboard and navigate to Users  → Users

Click on the “Import” button and you will see the popup shown below.

Download the file template and create a list of user in a csv file. Save it as visitly-users.csv.

You can refer the following to fill the csv template for upload.

  • firstName (Required) – First Name of User
  • lastName (Required) – Last Name of User
  • email (Required) – Email address of User
  • workPhoneCountryCode (Optional) – Work phone country code for user
  • workPhone (Optional) – Work phone number for user
  • mobilePhoneCountryCode (Optional) – Mobile phone country code for user
  • mobilePhone – (Optional) – Work phone number for user
  • extension (Optional) – Phone extension
  • externalId (Optional) – Employee Number
  • status  (Optional) – ACTIVE or INACTIVE

Upload the csv file, confirm or change the notification email address and click on Import Users. Once the import is complete, you will receive an email with information about the imported users and if there were any errors during import

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