Customize Badge Design

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Available on plans : Starter, Business, Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

Navigate to Locations and click on Edit for the location you would like to change the badge configuration for. Then click on Custom Badge on the left navigation panel

Header Section: Select one of the below preferred option for header design.

  • Logo : If you would like to print your company logo as the badge header, upload a logo image (jpg or png only). Logo height should be more than 50px. Visitly currently prints black and white logo on the badge
  • Text: If you would like to print text such as your company name as badge header, please enter the text in the text box provided. If you are using dual color (red/black) supported printer and printing rolls, you can choose a color option of either black or red to be used for the text header
  • None: If you would like to leave the header blank, choose this option.

Body Section: Select the Name font size and font type from the drop down menus. Select the fields you would like to print on the badge. Please review the sample badge on the right to make sure that the fields are not going outside the printable area. Please note that if the value of a field is not available for the visit, it will not print on the badge.

Note that, Full Name of the visitor is mandatory for the badge and cannot be turned off. Enable/Disable other fields based on your requirements.

Footer Section: Enter the value you would like to print as the badge footer and choose color (only for supported printer and rolls). If no footer value is needed, you can leave it blank.

Here you can also select if you would like to print signed document name on the badge. If signed by the visitor, it will print the name of the document in the footer of the printed badge label

Preview the mock badge on the screen based on your selections and make changes if necessary. Click Save once you are done to save the settings

iPad will pick up these settings at the next reload of settings which can take up to 1 hour. If you would like to manually reload follow instruction here


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