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  1. Go to and click on “Microsoft Entra ID”

  1. Click on Enterprise Applications

  1. Click on New Application and Search for Visitly

  1. Once you add the app, following screen will show.

  1. Click on Setup Single Sign On and Select SAML

  1. Please verify as all the information should be pre-filled. After that export the Federation Metadata XML from this screen.

  1. Upload this SAML Metadata XML to Visitly SSO set up for Azure SSO.

  2. Back in the Azure Portal on Visitly app, click on “Provision User Accounts” and then click on “update credentials”. Enter the following values in Admin credentials-

    1. Tenant URL –

    2. Secret Token – Get the token value from VIsitly dashboard for Provisioning

  3. Click on Test Connection. If everything is set up correctly, you would see a success message

  4. Assign user and groups to this application that will be used to sync users from Azure with Visitly.


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