Adding a badge printer through Visitly App

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  1. Go the Visitly App on the iPad and click on the cog wheel on the top right corner
  2. Enter the PIN that you had set during the iPad setup. The app will go the settings screen
  3. On the left menu, click on Printer and then on the right pane, click Add Printer. The app should discover the printer automatically if both iPad and printer are on the same network. Select the printer from the prompt
  4. This should show the printer name now on the right pane.
  5. Exit the settings
  6. Make sure you have Badge Printing enabled for the visitor type you are trying the print badge for. (If you enable it now, you may need to go back to the app and reload the config, the app only refreshes the config once every hour automatically)
  7. Create a test visit for this Visitor Type and you should see the the badge printed on the connected printer

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