Add Custom Visitor Types

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Available on plans : Starter, Business, Enterprise

Required Role: Global Administrator

Login to Visitly Dashboard  and click on Locations. Click Edit on the location you would like to make changes for

On the left side of the screen, Click on Visitor Types and you will be presented a list of all Visitor Types. To add a new Visitor Type click on “Add New Visitor Type”

Enter the information as below

  • Name – Name of the visitor type
  • Legal Document to Sign – Select the document you would like to visitor to sign for this type of visitor. You can leave this as empty if you do not want any document to be signed for this type of Visitor
  • Consent Type – This field is typically used for GDPR compliance and is used for letting the visitor know about specific reasoning on why you are collecting their information.
    • Explicit – If this is selected, the visitor has to acknowledge using a check box that they understand and acknowledge the document presented to them on privacy and data collection policy
    • Implicit – The visitor can just accept and no explicit check box is asked to be checked
  • Privacy Document – This is the document that is shown to the visitor detailing your data collection and privacy policy. You can define a document template using our article here
  • Photo – Select Yes/No depending on if you would like to take visitor photo for this visitor type
  • Print Badge – Select Yes/No depending on if you would like to print badge/name tag for this visitor type
  • Welcome Message – Enter a custom welcome message you would like to display for this visitor after they sign in. If not entered, Visitly will display a default message

In the next section, you can manage the fields you would like to capture for this visitor type.

  • Standard Fields
    • Email – Email address of the visitor.
    • Host – This field will show a search field during the sign in process so that the visitor can select a User from your company. It will show all the active Users on the system. Review our help article here to see how to manage users.
    • Company Name – Visitor Company
    • Phone Number – Visitor Phone number
  • Custom Fields
    • If you have added custom fields to your account, you can add those to specific visitor types. To know how to add custom fields, visit our help article at Custom Fields
    • Click on “Add Custom Field” and you will be presented a drop down of already added custom fields to be added to this visitor type. To delete an existing custom field for this type, click on delete.

Other than the full name, you can enable and disable all the fields and make them mandatory or optional. You can also edit the “Display” text of these fields and it will show as those on the iPad during the sign in process.

You can also change the order of these fields (Except the name field)

Click on Save. Once the changes are saved, You’ll also need to refresh your data on your iPad. This happens automatically every hour, but if you’d like to manually refresh the information, see this article.

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